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FlyHi Photography will take your listings to the next level

FlyHi Photography specializes in filming commercial real estate and we've been working with some of the largest Commercial Brokers across the state of Colorado. We can capture both ground and aerial photography as well as drone videos. No matter if you have a single commercial building or shopping center, all of our commercial pricing is completely flat rate with no hidden fees or up sales. When your business and livelihood depends on real estate, you can count on FlyHi Photography to provide all your commercial needs. 

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Being out in front of you competitors with aerial photography is a huge advantage. Properties of all types become more appealing to buyers. Intrest surges. Showings results. homes can sell quicker. Now, with FlyHi Photography launching our first Residential Real Estate network in Colorado for drone video operator, making aerial photography amazingly fast, easy and affordable, it's time to seize this explosive opportunity and enhance your real estate marking with exciting drone videos. So, ready to create sky-high interest in your property listings? 


Get 100% risk free project updates with Hi-Res photos and Hi-Res video of your work site. Nothing gives you a better view than 400ft views of your entire project. FlyHi Photography can have a fully insured & FAA licensed Drone Operator on your work. Color corrected and edited video & photos are delivered. New Construction of Residential AND Commercial projects are welcomed

Roof inspections for insurance companies like AllState Insurance in Colorado Springs for Drone Photography

Roof inspections used to be a dangerous and teduous process . Having workers climbing ladders and standing on sloping rooftops can endanger their lives as well as the lives of workers on the ground. Drones have provided roofing companies with multiple benefits. Drone inspections can be viewed in real time, but can also be recorded in Hi-Res to review at a latter time in greater detail. using drones to inspect a roof is fast, safe, and extremely affordable. here at FlyHi Photography, we provide custom roof inspections for your properties, buildings, barns and more. 

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